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hi im jess. i spend more time on this blog than on my main one.

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Every. Fucking. Time.

over 10 years of this shit you’d think we’d all know to make the right selection by now


I can totally relate Bob

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broccolo doesn’t know whether avocados are fruits or vegetables and this has caused vesta great distress

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Track: Cherry Blossom Festival Party
Artist: Animal Crossing
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Animal Crossing (GC) - Cherry Blossom Festival
A quirky track to celebrate the blossoming of spring!

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I don’t think she’s listening sweetheart.

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Love taking pictures of the sky when it looks like this.

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i need more ac blogs to follow! if you are an animal crossing blog, where you only post animal crossing, please reblog c:

I will follow everyone as long as there is no nsfw of animals/furries



raise your hand if youre part of the ‘i take pictures in new leaf but always forget to upload them so it looks like i dont ever make my own content’ club

*raises hand*

*all 7 of them*

excuse me why do you have seven hands?

of course to have content at all, be it yours or not, youd have to be active at all so i guess i cant speak to this topic very much

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