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hi im jess. i spend more time on this blog than on my main one.

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new leaf: venetti
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ww: oldale

the good news is fang and jeremiah are still here

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life update:

  • seven months preggo
  • i moved and im not sure where i packed my 3ds

you guys should know that i found my 3ds it was in a box literally right in front of the couch i made this post from. im gonna try and clean up my town tonight i think

life update:

  • seven months preggo
  • i moved and im not sure where i packed my 3ds
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"stop hitting yourself" "why are you hitting yourself"

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So…way back in December my girlfriend decided to get me a refurbed light pink 3DS XL. The only problem was…well, it was wonky as hell.

This is just one of the many things that happened when I tried playing Animal Crossing on it. Eventually at we got it sent back and now I have that super cute Yoshi XL :’3

But yeah, I just thought I’d share the Lovecraftian horror that was Digby. e _ e


was* t/hᵉʳᵉ a ṕ̣ͤ̎̎r̹͓̦̳͙̪ͭ̔̌ͭ̂̏ỏ̪̠̦̪̜͜ḅ̡̹̣̩̩̑̄̐̇l̈́͑̊͆͌̀ḗ͓͉̳͕ͯ́ͤm̷͈̝͚̈́͆ͬͭ̈́̄͆ ᵐayᵒʳ A̜̱͚̭͓͙̳ͤͧ͛͒ͤ͋͐̈́̕ͅri¿

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idea for next animal crossing game

you are given a blank cartridge and you get to program your own animal crossing game, just type all the code yourself, just do it, all of it,  what’s wrong mayor is that a syntax error? your animations aren’t working because you rigged the models wrong? just save and quit how do you like it NOW!?

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place your bets what will happen first- i furnish my new leaf house in a way i actually like or i give birth?

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